Microgenre Twitter Handle (or Name) Comments/Explanations/Excuses
Dark Suspenseful TV Dramas @alexismadrigal
Cerebral British Dramas @alexismadrigal Because accents.
Emmy-winning Witty TV Shows @alexismadrigal 30 Rock
Emotional Movies @alexismadrigal I like a good cry.
Critically-acclaimed Quirky Independent Comedies @alexismadrigal
Critically-acclaimed Gritty Independent Dramas @c_heller GRRR, I UNDERSTAND CINEMA.
Witty Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead @c_heller I spent the last week watching 30 Rock and New Girl. Constantly.
Goofy TV Comedies @megangarber I couldn't have done it without you, Parks and Rec.
Feel-good Reality TV @megangarber
Raunchy Comedies @megangarber
Understated Documentaries @megangarber What happens when you go on *one little* Ken Burns binge, apparently...
Science & Technology TV Shows @megangarber Because nerd.
Disney Family Feature Animation @yayitsrob OH YES.
Witty TV Shows @yayitsrob
Feel-good Romantic Foreign Comedies @yayitsrob
Cerebral Independent Dramas @yayitsrob
NBC Workplace TV Shows @thebullblog
Forbidden-Love Dramas @thebullblog Based on Brokeback Mountain and Pretty in Pink
Golden Globe Award-winning Witty TV Shows @thebullblog Based on watching Arrested Development and The West Wing
Cerebral Documentaries @metafedora Based on watching Flaw & Indie Game the movie
Imaginative Talking-Animal Animation @metafedora Based on watching Up & Ice Age
Understated Romantic Independent Dramas @thoughtbrain
Race Against Time TV Shows @redgirlsays
Suspenseful Action Thrillers @redgirlsays
TV Dramedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead @redgirlsays Weeds, Orange is the New Black, Freaks & Geeks
Suspenseful TV Action & Adventure @editer based on Star Trek:TOS + M:I Classic
Irreverent TV Comedies @editer based on Weeds + Futurama
Independent Father-Daughter Dramas @piquedblog
Science Fiction from the 90s @fifthstarter X-Files AND DS9
Witty Sitcoms @wanderingamy
Goofy TV Comedies @wanderingamy based on several false starts of TV series I never finished because apparently I must not be "goofy" enough
Race Against Time Sci-Fi & Fantasy @mzdyson Dredd, Immortals, Tomb Raider
Critically-acclaimed Movies @wanderingamy bad hyphen use on that adverb.
Witty TV Shows from the 1990s @editer based on MST3K + Spaced
Witty Showbiz Movies @piquedblog
Witty Comedies @piquedblog
Race Against Time Action & Adventure @wanderingamy
Raunchy Comedies About Fame @elthie
Witty Workplace TV Shows @elthie
Emotional Father-Son Dramas @elthie
Critically Acclaimed Dramas Based on 20th Century Literature @elthie
Rant Stand-up Comedy @elthie
Goofy Showbiz Movies @editer based on two eps of MST3K (!)
Exciting TV Crime Dramas @editer based on Supernatural + Luther, an odd couple if ever there were one
Supernatural Horror Movies Based on Books @martireb based on Carrie
Visually-striking Dark Action & Adventure @martireb based on Only God Forgives and Equilibrium
Golden Globe Award-winning Witty Movies @heysarahnewman based on the Truman Show and The Kids Are Alright
Suspenseful TV Shows featuring a Strong Female Lead @heysarahnewman based on Scandal and Revolution
20th Century Period Pieces based on real life @martireb based on Iceman and My Week With Marilyn
Violent Suspenseful Action & Adventure @lexthomasauthor Dredd
Biographical Family Life Documentaries @lexthomasauthor Skeleton, Inc.
Steamy Pschological Thrillers @lexthomasauthor The Caller
Heartfelt Movies Based on Contemporary Literature @martireb
Romantic Foreign Dramas based on Books @lexthomasauthor Based on your interest in: Passion of Anna
Visually-striking Scary Supernatural Movies @lexthomasauthor Kiss the Damned
Cerebral Suspenseful Independent Dramas @piquedblog Saw above that there is also a "Cerebral Independent Dramas" microgenre. Who knows?
Documentaries from Investigation Discovery @fifthstarter This is when you know you watch too many true crime shows.
Sci-Fi & Fantasy based on Books @vejnoska
Showbiz Comedies @vejnoska
Critically-acclaimed Documentaries @vejnoska
Gory Sci-Fi & Fantasy @vejnoska
Scary Ghost-story Movies @vejnoska
Scary Suspenseful Foreign Movies @vejnoska
Social & Cultural Documentaries @vejnoska
Dark TV Shows @vejnoska
Witty Buddy TV Comedies @goseinmypockets
Visionary TV Documentaries @goseinmypockets
Critically-acclaimed Quirky Independent Comedies @mrteacup
Goofy Talking-Animal Animation for ages 5 to 7 @mrteacup Netflix knows how old my kids areā€¦
Dark Foreign Dramas based on real life @mrteacup Downfall, 17 Girls
Family-friendly TV Cartoons from the 1990s @mrteacup Kipper, Paddington Bear
French-Language Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead @mrteacup
Biographical Sports Documentaries @goseinmypockets
Critically-acclaimed Biographical Movies @laura_nelson
Critically acclaimed independent cerebral dramas @andersen
Sentimental romantic foreign comedies @andersen Lost the coin toss
Violent suspenseful sci fi and fantasy @andersen I'm embarrassed
Family-friendly documentaries @andersen
Revenge Action Thrillers @martireb
Exciting Foreign Crime Drama @martireb The Man from Nowhere, Oldboy
Mind-bending Movies @mrteacup Yes, I do love a good mind bender
Irreverent TV Animated Comedies @mrteacup
Golden Globe Award-winning Comedies @mrteacup
Witty Workplace TV Comedies @mrteacup
Critically-acclaimed Gritty Crime Thrillers @mrteacup
Moody British Romances @pintwit
Classic Witty Movies @laura_nelson I'm a sucker for "His Girl Friday"
Dark TV Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead
Critically Acclaimed Witty Independent Comedies @lpsmash
Visually-Striking Post-Apocalypse @lpsmash
Critically Acclaimed Witty Romantic Movies @lpsmash
Crime Thrillers Based on Books @lpsmash Jack Reacher, The Girl Who Played With Fire
Mind-Bending Romantic Foreign Movies @alexmleo I like when French people do things
TV Dramas from the 90s @alexmleo
Irreverent TV Comedies @alexmleo
Religious Comedies & Satires @alexmleo You watched "Saved" ONE TIME!
Understated Detective TV Shows @alexmleo Sherlock Holmes of all nations
Physcological Mysteries @lpsmash Trance, Side Effects
Gory Revenge Horror Movies @rpbp I have no explanation.
Action & Adventure based on Books @rpbp Two words: Stephen King.
Scary Suspenseful Psychological Movies @rpbp Crime dramas. Lots of them.
Exciting Sci-Fi & Fantasy @rpbp As opposed to unexciting? Michael Crichton.
Scary Mind Game Mysteries @rpbp Crime dramas.
Serial-Killer Horror Movies @rpbp Crime dramas.
Race Against Time Action & Adventure @rpbp Indiana Jones, much?
Violent Sci-Fi & Fantasy @rpbp Creature movies? Space disasters?
Thrillers Featuring a Strong Female Lead @rpbp
(Raunchy) Politically Incorrect Stand-up @martireb Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive, Daniel Tosh
Critically-acclaimed Inspiring Documentaries @pefrase based on: Indie Game, Knuckleball
Provocative Movies @pefrase based on: Dirty Wars, Track Me if You Can
The Occult
B horror films
Critically Acclaimed Violent Movies From the 80s @pefrase Die Hard, Robocop
Visually-striking Dark Independent Dramas @frnkstar There will be blood, requiem for a dream
Sci-Fi & Fantasy from the 1980s @frnkstar Wrath of Kahn, Search for Spock
Critically-acclaimed Crime Movies based on Books @frnkstar Who framed Roger Rabbit, Zodiac
Period Dramas with a Strong Female Lead @zoetopaz Little Dorrit, Downton Abbey, etc...on repeat
Critically-acclaimed Movies about Art & Design @zoetopaz Helvetica
Visually-striking Exciting Sci-Fi and Fantasy @zoetopaz Because Marvel with a side of Star Trek
Military 20th Century Period Pieces @zoetopaz Possibly entirely based on Captain America and Island at War
Exciting Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy @saseskin Would prefer: Strong kickass female-led action, based on Serenity and Hunger Games
Witty Romantic Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead @saseskin The more adjectives, the better.
Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead @ohkarolle Ah, the popular SFL
Gritty Movies @ohkarolle Only recently noticed these one-adjective genres. (see also: emotional movies, exciting movies, etc.)
Goofy TV Shows @ohkarolle
Family-friendly TV Cartoons @ashleyfetters I share my Netflix account with an iPad-savvy three-year-old.
Cerebral Thrillers based on Books @ashleyfetters ... and my mom, a big 'Atlas Shrugged' fan.
Political TV Shows @ashleyfetters based on 'Scandal,' 'House of Cards,' probably also 'The West Wing'
Dark Romantic British Dramas based on Books @Vaguery
Because you watched Luther @Vaguery I watched Luther, see...
Suspenseful TV Dramas @Vaguery
Quirky TV Shows @Vaguery via Wilfred & Portlandia
Witty TV Comedies @Vaguery also via Wilfred
Suspenseful TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy @Vaguery via Hemlock Grove (ick) and Galactica reboot
Critically-acclaimed Visually-striking Movies @kpoho
Visually Striking Ominous Movies @ekhubbard Based on interest in the Sixth Sense and Donnie Darko
Violent dystopian Lionsgate action films featuring teens based on books @tavimerrill i made it up, after seeing a trailer for "Divergent" at a showing of "Ender's Hunger"
Visually Striking Documentaries @preefixe Samsara, Double Take
Golden Globe Award-winning TV dramas @preefixe Twin Peaks, Weeds
Visually-striking Cerebral Movies @preefixe Do The Right Thing, Bronson
Crime Comedies @preefixe Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Clue
Critically-acclaimed witty romantic comedies @cjsamuel Based on "Broadcast News"
Dark dramas based on contemporary literature @cjsamuel The Constant Gardener, Zodiac
Suspenseful movies based on books @cjsamuel The Hunger Games + Side Effects + The Glass Menagerie
Visually striking understated movies @cjsamuel I really liked "A Single Man" and there's a lot of Terrence Malick in my queue
Witty con-game movies @cjsamuel Coen Brothers
Feel-good Romantic Made-for-TV Movies @saseskin So I watched a couple cheesy Christmas movies
Critically-acclaimed Witty Independent Comedies @corpus1 I'm having another quarter life crisis.
Romantic British Dramas based on real life @corpus1 It's like watching real-life tabloids unfold...
Biographical Showbiz 20th Century Period Pieces @corpus1 Because I added Lovelace and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind to my queue...what the?
Raunchy TV Comedies @corpus1 I like dude shows.
Inspiring Foreign Movies @corpus1 I enjoy crying to foreign people's struggles.
Indie French Movies @elisenardin Not enough good French-speaking movies are released in the US. You just get the 'blockbusters', which oftentimes aren't interesting
Indie French-Speaking Belgian Movies @elisenardin
Visually striking suspenseful foreign movies @_allison_r
Critically-acclaimed quirky independent comedies @_allison_r
Dark romantic dramas featuring a strong female lead @_allison_r
Films Featuring a Strong Female Lead based on a book @henryoz Based on Carrie & The Hunger Games.
Critically-acclaimed British Dramas based on real life @aliyahjv
Romantic Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead @aliyahjv
Cerebral Documentaries @aliyahjv
Emmy-winning TV Dramas @aliyahjv
Witty TV Comedies @aliyahjv
Exciting 20th Century Period Pieces based on real life @bottyguy
TV Comedies Beth Based on Scrubs
Violent Movies Beth Based on FireWith Fire and Cabin in the Woods
Scary Suspenseful Movies Beth Based on SThe Skeleton Key and House at the End of the Street
Exciting Movies
Crime TV Shows
Violent Race Against Time Movies DG
Disney Comedies DG
Quirkey Sitcoms DG
Visually-Striking Independent Dramas DG
Irreverent TV Comedies from the 1990s @brycelivingston Based on *cringe* South Park and Family Guy
Exciting Crime TV Shows Beth W
Visually-striking Dark Movies Beth W
Family-friendly Comedies Beth W
TV Comedies from the 1990s Beth W
Steamy Independent Dramas @katieelambert Lovelace, The Lifeguard
Suspenseful TV Mysteries @katieelambert The Killing, Revenge (I'm not sorry)